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What is The Role of Dermal fillers in modern cosmetic medicine.

Modern cosmetic medicine has many treatment modalities that have gradually evolved and improved and now make it possible to choose between many alternative treatments.

Now in 2023/24, we currently possess an abundance of diverse treatment options that enable the substantial postponement of age-related changes on the skin and facial features. These can ultimately enhance aesthetic and beautification outcomes.

Dermal Filler Before After
Dermal Filler – Non-Invasive Rhinoplasty

Although for many it seems confusing, as there are so many different treatments being marketed to us, there are only really three different categories of treatments. Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that create volume to fill or plump areas of concern where volume has been depleted (fat loss), or to fill in lines where skin has been creased, or to remodel and create and enhance certain desired contours of the face. The second category is skin strengthening, tightening, and lifting to reverse the natural ageing sagging of the skin and loss of elasticity. The third category is to improve and maintain the surface complexion layer of the skin that we look at every day.

Dermal Filler in Sydney Treatment Areas
Dermal Filler – Treatment Areas

The popular treatment that has been done for the last 20 years is the use of dermal fillers as an injectable treatment. Whereas dermal fillers definitely have a place in modern cosmetic medicine, much of the public conception of dermal fillers has been changed, due to excessive plumping and volumising, giving an artificial or overdone and unnatural look.

Partly, this can be attributed to the abundance of beauty salons, many of which are currently owned by venture capital corporations. These establishments are increasingly exploring cosmetic medicine and promoting the frequent use of dermal fillers, known for their efficiency and profitability as revenue generators.

However, dermal fillers do offer an advantage and have a definite place in cosmetic medicine when used judiciously and for the right reason.

As we age, in addition to the diminishing collagen strength in our skin resulting in progressive laxity and sagging of our structures, we also experience a decline in the capacity to retain volume in specific areas known as ‘fat pockets,’ particularly beneath the skin. This phenomenon is especially noticeable in the upper cheeks, under the eyes, and in the temple hollows. Dr. Garry Cussell emphasises that these changes are a consequence of aging, leading to the atrophy or destruction of fat cells, leaving the fat pockets unable to maintain a youthful fullness and tightness.

So, the best, and most judicial use of dermal fillers is to replace this lost volume, and provide support for the lax structures, providing a more useful rounded appearance.

This can be done with a subtle effect, so it’s not to produce any obvious or artificial “overdone” appearance.

Dermal Filler Before and After
Dermal Filler Before and After – Sydney Skin Clinic

Administered adeptly by seasoned physicians who regularly conduct such procedures, dermal filler treatments are swift, comparatively comfortable, and yield instant results. The likelihood of side effects is minimal or non-existent.

Hence, the role of dermal fillers in contemporary medicine lies in preserving facial volume that naturally diminishes with age in distinct and specific areas. These areas vary among individuals, necessitating both experience and a keen aesthetic eye to tailor recommendations for each person.

We are all made differently and age at different rates, so individual recommendations through consultation can help each person decide what would benefit them the most.

There are definite complications with dermal fillers. However, most of these can be prevented or reversed when being treated by experienced doctors. There are many non-doctors doing treatments, but an experienced doctor should always be on site to manage and reverse any complications. 

They should not be used for lifting and reversing the sagging of the skin. This would require excessive volumes of dermal fillers, which will usually result in an over-plumped, artificial looking appearance. 

To strengthen and lift the skin by building new and additional collagen, requires treatments to stimulate and activate and multiply the dormant collagen cells.

Dermal Filler Texture
Dermal Filler – Sydney Skin Clinic

This is achieved using deeply focused heat (Ultrasound or Electrical or Laser Energy) and also the new bio-modulator injectable treatments. These achieve similar results by also having a stimulating effect on growth factor proteins, to improve and strengthen the structural framework of the skin. The lifting and firming and general strengthening of the skin, without creating bulking volume, is a gradual, subtle, and very natural improvement in appearance. These treatments when done correctly, are extremely safe with no side-effects. They always work if done regularly, at least three times a year. 

The other main aspect of anti-ageing skin medicine is to improve and slow down the rate of ageing of the superficial skin complexion. 

This can be achieved with the use of modern laser medicine but must be maintained with regular protective and corrective skincare application, twice daily. 

Modern laser medicine is very effective, and has improved considerably with new technology, but is still risky unless performed by experienced practitioners who understand the interaction between the lasers and the different types of skin being treated. 

Again, these treatments performed in a larger, comprehensive, and well-resourced clinic with a range of different lasers, and experienced trained professionals using them, will produce the safest and best results. 

Unfortunately, again, there are many salons who have only one or two different types of lasers or light machines and try to use them for all different conditions. Larger clinics, with a more comprehensive range of lasers, can tailor a treatment that is specific for the skin concern applicable and best suited for these lasers. 

No laser or facial treatment has a prolonged action or results in sustained successful treatment unless it can be repeated regularly and maintained over subsequent years. 

The best maintenance is effective topical skincare treatment used twice daily. This will only give good results if the serums contain all the important active ingredients, proven to improve skin complexion and that are formulated correctly to permit deep penetration into the epidermal skin cells. 

These include the strong antioxidant vitamins, collagen and growth factor proteins, true skin hydrators, melanin pigment regulators, exfoliants (leave on), and anti-inflammatory and anti-infective agent ingredients. Most importantly, a physical or mineral (rather than a chemical, short-acting) sunblock used every morning routinely. 

Unfortunately, most skincare products are relatively ineffective and do not provide adequate ongoing maintenance, as they lack active ingredients and any active, positive ingredients included are unable to penetrate to the deeper areas of the epidermis, where they need to work. 

However, effective skincare (such as found in the Rejuvaus range), can have a definite and dramatic and sustained effect on improving and maintaining complexion clarity and smoothness. 

In conclusion, addressing all three categories of aging concerns can be effectively achieved, with dermal fillers playing a valuable role. It is crucial to consider and not overlook their potential benefits, especially when administered judiciously and responsibly by experienced doctors, such as Dr. Garry Cussell at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, following informed consultations. 

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