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Body Contouring Using Ultrasound

If you’ve invested time into researching different body contouring treatments, you’ll know how many options are available.

Fat reduction with Ultrasound is one of our most versatile methods for removing unwanted fat, and we have a few different technologies to perform the treatment with as well.

Ultrasound for the ultra-figure

Fat reduction with ultrasound is an excellent treatment that uses a special type of deep, high frequency Ultrasound to eradicate fat cells. The procedure fractures and destroys fat cells permanently.

As with fat freezing, the destroyed fat cells are taken away by the natural lymphatic and drainage system in your body, then excreted.

For best results, you may need up to 4 treatments, normally performed about 2 weeks apart. We have package pricing available to help you get the most from your treatments.

Body sculpting using an ultrasound method can permanently reduce the number of fat cells in the treated area by approximately 50%. The procedure is best for small “pockets” of fat where the skin and fat can be grabbed up into a “bunch” of fat at least 2 cm thick.

The best part about fat reduction with ultrasound is that the Ultrasound energy also stimulates collagen in the deepest layers of your skin. The collagen contracts and regenerates, giving a tightened appearance to loose skin from fat loss.

How can I achieve even better results?

We sometimes use fat reduction with ultrasound in conjunction with Fat Freezing. Fat rolls that can be suctioned into the fat freezing applicator are best treated with freezing while the adjacent areas, where not enough suction can be achieved, can be treated with ultrasound fat reduction (provided that they can be bunched into a fatty pad at least 2cm thick).

By being able to offer these two procedures as a combined treatment, we can achieve consistent, more well-rounded results. Both of these non-invasive body contouring methods can permanently destroy fat cells.

Unsure which is the right treatment for you?

We realise it can be difficult to interpret the technical aspects and compare procedures, particularly as we are all unique and different methods might be more suited to some. That’s why we recommend coming in for a free, personalised consultation. Our highly trained Clinicians can assess your goals, discuss treatment options and help you put together a treatment plan to suit your budget.

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