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Bruxism: The Silent Saboteur of Your Sleep

Do you often wake up with a headache, sore jaw, or tooth pain? Do you grind and clench your teeth? Have you noticed that your teeth are wearing down or becoming more sensitive? If so, you may be one of the millions of people suffering from bruxism.

Bruxism is a condition in which you clench or grind your teeth, often without even realising it. This can happen during the day or while you’re sleeping, and it can have serious consequences for your dental health, as well as your overall well-being.

The causes of bruxism are not always clear, but it’s believed to be linked to stress and anxiety, as well as certain sleep disorders. It can also be a result of an abnormal bite or missing teeth. Left untreated, bruxism can lead to a host of problems, including tooth damage, jaw pain, headaches, and earaches. In severe cases, it can even contribute to temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), a condition that affects the joint connecting the jawbone to the skull.

Fortunately, there are effective treatments for bruxism. One of the most promising non-surgical options is the use of injections. Toxin injections, have been used for years to treat a variety of medical conditions, including muscle spasms and chronic migraines. In recent years, they’ve also been used to treat bruxism with great success.

The injections work by relaxing the muscles (masseter) in the jaw that are responsible for clenching and grinding. By doing so, they reduce the force and frequency of the grinding, which can lead to a significant reduction in symptoms. The procedure is quick and easy, typically taking less than 10 minutes to complete. One of the key benefits of masseter muscle treatment is that it is a non-invasive procedure, meaning there is no downtime or recovery period. Patients can return to their normal activities immediately after the treatment.

Toxin injections for bruxism has been a common practice for several decades and is almost always completely successful. The symptoms (headaches, jaw pain etc) caused by bruxism start to resolve within a few days, and within two weeks most symptoms are either completely relieved or significantly improved. As an additional benefit, any referred pain from masseter spasms can also be relieved, including neck, temple, and jaw pain. Once the muscles are relaxed, the pressure is taken away from the teeth, so there is no further risk of teeth damage and no need to continue wearing the troublesome mouth or night guards.

Correct diagnosis by an experienced doctor will allow for reliable and consistent results with no harmful effects. The results last between 4 to 6 months, depending on the amount injected. If you’re suffering from bruxism and are looking for a solution that really works call one of our three clinics: Barangaroo, Chatswood or Sydney CBD for a consultation today – 1300 889935.

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