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Say ‘Adios!’ To Fat: Freeze It Forever With Coolsculpting


Do you have fat on your belly that you want to get rid of?

The quickest way to be a bikini hottie this upcoming summer is to start a fat freezing treatment right now. Today we interview our Coolsculpting specialist Adelaide, who explains everything you need to know about the procedure.

Here are our questions, and Adelaide’s answers. If you have other questions about this treatment, just give us a call or contact us.

Fat Freezing: How it Works

We all know you can’t always say “No” to delicious food, even though we know the results… fatty areas around our waist and thighs…

Here is how Coolsculpting works:
The procedure is known as cryolipolysis, or cooling down the fat cells to near freezing. What happens is the cells are brought to a very low temperature and the process crystallises or shatters them, thus “killing” them. The cells die and the fat is eliminated from the body without the need of surgical intervention.

The benefits of Coolsculpting go beyond the “no scalpel” part:
Studies have shown that the dead fat cells are destroyed entirely by the body’s white blood cells (the immune system). Thus, there is no strain on your liver or your bloodstream. In addition, the treatment does not affect your skin or your nerves. NO damage is done to the skin or nerves, since the freezing is only applied to the fat cells in your body.

Does fat freezing hurt?
“The treatment itself can be uncomfortable for the first 5-10 min”, says Adelaide, “until the area has been cooled and loses sensation. After the treatment is finished the applicator is then removed and the area is massaged – this can also be slightly uncomfortable for some patients.”

From Adelaide’s experience, the treatment is well worth the minor discomfort, and according to her patients, it can become… addictive! “From speaking to patients”, she says, “the 15min of discomfort is very much worth the fabulous results, and they find it hard not to get “addicted” to the treatment.”

Who is Coolsculpting for?

Coolsculpt is best for someone who, in spite of leading a healthy lifestyle, dieting and exercising, they are unable to shift an area of soft fat.

For example, it is obvious that the patient in the picture below is not overweight or obese. She does not have weight problems, but she has an area of soft fat that cannot be eliminated in any other way.

The patient underwent a Coolsculpting treatment and was able to get on with her normal day to day activities the same day. In the picture below you can see her abdomen before and after 2 months from the intervention – the results are clearly visible.
Fat Freezing Before After Shot
Coolsculpting is NOT a surgical procedure for overweight individuals (ie: NOT bariatric surgery). Bariatric surgeries are something completely different from fat freezing. You should address one of our specialists to see if Coolsculpting is for you.

What is the recovery time from a Coolsculpting intervention?

The treatment is non-invasive, not surgical. You are able to leave the clinic as soon as the session is over.

Tip: You could squeeze a session during your lunch break – just come to the clinic, get your treatment and be back at the office just in time for work!

When can I see the fat freezing results?

You need to understand that the results of this treatment are not immediate. Usually, it takes about three months after the treatment for you to be able to see your FULL results.

Nonetheless, after only one hour of fat freezing treatment you may begin to see noticeable results: the procedure could shrink the fat 20-25% in the region that is being treated.

A lot of our patients want to know what exactly ARE the results, so here is a short list of the things you should notice:

  • a flattening of the fat pocket
  • a better contouring of the body part that has been worked upon
  • less sagging skin in the treated area
  • a reduction in the area’s circumference (e.g.: abdomen, thighs, etc)

Remember you have to be patient. So if you want to have an awesome abdomen or sculpted thighs just in time for summer, then you should start your Coolsculpting treatment now.

The even better news is that you can repeat the treatment as often as you want. But this doesn’t mean it won’t take patience, perseverance and a skilled practitioner like Adelaide to get you the desired results.

Contact one of our specialists or book your free consultation session and see what fat freezing treatment is best for you.

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