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Face Slimming with Injectables, Dermal Fillers & Ultrasound Skin Tightening

A lot of our patients come to us wanting to slim their face. To slim the face there are 3 main things that contribute to a more recessed chin and wider face.

Masseter Muscles

Probably the first of the appearances of that more rounded lower face is the width of these muscles at the back of our jaw called the masseter muscles. Now, these muscles in allot of people are over developed and they produce like a tent pegging and pushing out of the skin here. These over developed muscles can be made much smaller by 4 little injections of anti-wrinkle product into that muscle which relaxes the muscle. Slowly over a series of months it will become smaller and smaller. This lasts 6 months and should be repeated.

Facial Contouring

Another way of slimming the face is by making the appearance of a more V-shape lower face. This is done by bringing the chin forward and making it a bit pointy, by putting an injection of the strongest dermal filler in the chin, bringing it forward and again making the face have a slimmer look.

Facial Fat Reduction

There’s allot of people who have a rounded puffier front of their face, they have a looser skin and more fat in the bottom, middle part of the cheek. We can slim, tighten and lift the skin and remove some fat using our ultrasound machine. This is a simple half hour treatment where you get some results immediately – the skin is tightened, firmed and lifted. Progressively over the next few months the skin strengthens and further slims the face.

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