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Fake It Till You Make It With Naked Tan


Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia offers the world’s first two hour spray tan – Naked Tan – in our Sydney CBD clinic. We spoke to our clinician Ally to talk about the product and find out the hints and tips about getting the best results and avoiding the dreaded ‘orange’ look!

naked tan sydney cbdHere at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, we offer a spray tan called ‘Naked Tan’. Can you tell us a little about this spray tan and how it is different to others on the market?

The Naked Tan is a 2 hour tan that is basically the same thing as the regular 8 hour tan. The modern version, the 2 hour tan still take 8 hours to develop, but the difference is that you can shower it off after 2 hours, rather than having to wait for 8 hours. So, back in the days when we had only the 8 hour tan, people have to sleep with it overnight and get the sheets all dirty, but with this version can shower in two hours time and in another 5 hours later you’ve got your colour back.

So, when you spray it on, you get the instant colour, but previously you had to leave it for about 8 hours, and if you went to bed your sheets would get dirty?

Yes! The solution will take full 8 hours to develop on the skin, so if you shower it off before, you will wash some of the colour off. This one only takes 2 hours to develop, and after the shower it just keeps developing. So, the colour that you are when you get sprayed is what you will be. When you shower almost all the colour will come off because is just a layer, but you will keep developing back to the colour that you were, but in a cleaner version.

How long does it take to re-develop?

It takes about 5 to 6 hours after you shower, so people usually get it done during the afternoon, or in the evening so they can shower before they go to bed and wake up in the morning tanned. For the first shower you don’t use anything except rinse, so after you’ve had it on for two 2 hours, just quickly get-in get-out of the shower. Once you wake up in the morning, you may start to smell the fake tan a little bit, so that’s when you can get in the shower and use some body soap to make you smell nice.

Alright! What is the smell like?

Well, someone who hasn’t had a fake tan before may not know, but it has a very distinctive smell. When you first get it done it has a coconut and vanilla scent; so it’s really nice. However, once it’s starts to develop, there tends to be a distinctive spray tan smell and that’s probably the worst part you have to put up with. But don’t worry – once you shower and moisturise, you will smell good again.

What is the best way to maintain the tan and make it last well?

The best way to maintain a tan is to moisturise morning and night. Being in water for long amounts of time does tend to fade the colour a lot quicker, but if you’re going on a holiday and you want to keep the tan nice golden colour, you can always use a moisturiser with a little bit of tan in it, or just stay out of the water – so no swimming and things like that. But that’s a good way to get the tan off, before getting a new one, so go swimming and prepare the skin for the next tan.

How long does the Naked Tan last?

Depending on how you look after it, it can last anywhere from 2 to 7 days. For example – myself, I’m very pale – but I put very dark colours on, and I find that I get a good solid 3 days out of it, and then it starts to go a little bit patchy. But because I use such a dark colour it’s more obvious when it’s starts to fade off. However, for someone who uses a really natural colour, if they moisturise day and night, it will fade really evenly and look really nice and sun kissed. You can have a good amount of colour for about 3 or 4 days.

So, obviously, a lot of spray tans use a chemical base and some people might be concerned about the chemicals not being safe?

Naked Tan is paraben free, and it’s safe to use on everyone. Some people who are pregnant and are quite sensitive in terms of what they use can do a little research; but no-one we’ve done has ever had any skin reactions, because Naked Tan contains only natural ingredients it’s not too harsh on the skin.

So, obviously there’s a lot of different brands of fake tan out there. Do people have to be cautious of using brands that dangerous chemicals in it?

None of them have dangerous chemicals in them, just more in terms of how they look on the skin, some can be very orange, some of them are very pink based; I’m not familiar with any case of spray tan damaging the skin, or be dangerous in terms of ingredients-wise, it’s more in terms what brands are my favorite because of the colour result.

What are the main questions that people ask you if they never had spray tan before?

Ally: People ask if you still can get suntanned with it… and yes, you can, but there’s absolutely no form of sun protection in the fake tan, so you should always wear sunscreen. Also if you do want to go to the beach and work on a natural tan, you will still tan underneath it. Of course many people ask how long it will last; as I was saying earlier being in water for a long amount of time does tend to fade the colour a lot quicker.

So, as far as the Naked Tan concerned… different people have different types of skin, do you have to adjust the colours that you use on people?

We’ve got four different colours of tan and they range in percentages. It goes 8, 10, 12 and 15 percent… with 8 being the whitest and 15 being the darkest. One thing to understand is that they all have also different undertones, so what we like to do here is actually mix a cocktail the colours, so we can custom blend for each person. If someone has a pink undertone and their skin is quite faded, then we can go with the whitest colour and adding in a bit of the darkest colour, because its very green undertone will bring the shade down a bit so it won’t look so orange. Because we custom blend for each person, it’s not that common for us to use one colour. We do like to match the colour and that’s one of the benefits of having four colours to choose from.

That’s cool! So it’s not like when you go to the supermarket and you buy something off the shelf and you’re pretty much stuck with it and it may not go with your tone. So by coming to someone who has experience in doing this, you’re more likely to get a good result.

Yes, everyone has a different colour; some of us are darker in summer than in winter, so we can custom blend for any event and for every season of the year.

So if someone has a big event coming up, let’s say on a Friday night, when should they come in for a fake tan? In other words, how far in advance?

I’d like to say at least two days in advance. This gives us a little bit of window; in case for example they find it’s a little bit too dark, they can just take a long shower and fade the colour, or if it’s not dark enough we can always add an extra layer. Same with events like weddings, we get the brides and bridesmaids to come in for a trial and then also the last spray tan before the wedding should be done two days before the wedding, and that gives us a window to darken it or help it fade a little.

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