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How To Look Your Best On Zoom

Thank goodness Covid seems to be mostly behind us.  However many of us are still working from home in some capacity.  All of those meetings that could have been an email, well, they’re still meetings, but they’re on Zoom now and it has become the norm when you’re working remotely.

Zoom released a filter feature you can use to make yourself look perfectly airbrushed, but we think that’s cheating. When you look good in real life, you feel good – and that comes across on video. Here is our expert advice from our social media team and our Dermal Clinicians for putting your best face forward on Zoom.

Brighten Your Natural Complexion

When your skin is healthy-looking, you feel more confident going in front of your web cam. It does take time for skincare products to work, but when you see a difference from your regular, ongoing routine, it’s very rewarding.

The most important step in your routine (sunscreen aside) is exfoliation. As we get older, our natural skin cell turnover tends to slow down. Our skin does need the top layer of dead cells to act as a protective barrier, but when this layer becomes too thick, we get a dull appearance.

Regular exfoliation, preferably with a gentle AHA cleanser, can help thin this layer out and bring forth the fresher, brighter layer of skin cells. It also helps your brightening serums absorb into your skin more effectively.

Antioxidant serums with Vitamins A, B and C have both anti-ageing and skin brightening properties. Vitamin C and Vitamin B can help regulate production and distribution of the pigment in your skin for a brighter and more even skin tone.

As mentioned above, skincare takes time to work, but it’s rewarding when it does.

For a pick-me-up right before the meeting, apply a moisturiser to help your skin look fresh and dewy. You can also try using a facial roller right before your meeting as rollers have been found to improve circulation for a short time after use, but the result may or may not be visible.

Something simple that makes a huge difference is drinking plenty of water. When your body is thirsty, your skin is thirsty, too. Keeping yourself hydrated every day will make your skin look fresher, and you’ll feel better for it as well.

Setup and Lighting

No matter how much your complexion glows, it won’t show in bad lighting. A simple adjustment can make all the difference.

Generally, the brighter the better, but the type of light affects this as well. Direct sunlight can cast too much contrast between bright spots and shadows, but a lot of indirect (soft) natural light looks lovely on video.

Try to avoid sitting with your light source or your windows behind you as it will cast a shadow over your face. If your light source is in front of you, it can help illuminate your face and hide blemishes.

After lighting, composition is the most important consideration. A few items that look natural in person can look cluttered on camera. Then again, an empty background can appear drab. Try to have a plain background with one or two items maximum (such as art on the wall or a houseplant).

Be sure to prop your laptop up on something to make it eye level. Looking down at the camera can create a bit of a double chin, and having the camera at eye level will improve your posture, too.

Personal Appearance

Depending on your work, you may be able to go a little more casually when you’re working from home, but you still want to make an impression. Tidy hair, neat clothing and just a touch of makeup don’t require much effort, but they can improve your zoom appearance by a great deal.

Wear clothing with solid colours or large prints; small prints can be blurry and distracting to your colleagues.


If you can give yourself a few minutes before each meeting to apply a bit of makeup, use your laptop video screen as a mirror so you can see exactly how you’ll look when screen time comes.

Curled lashes and mascara can really open the eyes while still looking natural and not too made up.

For your complexion, start with a moisturiser or a moisturising sunscreen with invisible Zinc to prep and prime your skin. Then, use a mineral powder because it applies quickly and easily, and it both looks and feels lighter than full on foundation for that effortless yet tidy appearance.

We also recommend a bit of blush or lipstick as the video quality on zoom can make the colours look a bit washed out. A little pop of colour can make all the difference.

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