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How To Lose A Frown In 10 Days With Injectables

Ageing is a natural part of life, a roadmap marked by life experiences. Sometimes, though, it creates an unnecessarily negative impression, such as when the sides of the mouth point downward or frown lines appear in less desirable spots. Here are some non-surgical treatments you can use to reduce the appearance of a frown and pause the ageing process.

Pick up frowning lips

As we age, we tend to lose volume in our cheeks and elasticity in our skin. This means that the skin around our mouth loses the support it once had, and the outside corners of our lips start to turn downward. The depressor muscles at the sides of the mouth sometimes start to pull the lips down as well, which only amplifies the appearance of frowning.

There are a few non-surgical ways to turn an age-induced frown upside down, depending on the main cause of it, Cosmetic Nurse Kellie explains. Anti-wrinkle injections can be administered to the depressor angulis oris muscle (i.e. the muscles at the sides of the mouth) to stop them from pulling downward. She won’t administer more than 8 units in total to this area, she says, because you don’t want the other muscles to lift the sides of your mouth too much.

If your frown is caused by the sides of your mouth sagging due to volume loss, a little bit of dermal filler can help prop it up again. Nurse Kellie says that most people who present with an age-induced frown will have volume loss in the cheeks, which can be improved with dermal filler to restore volume and lift the sides of the lips just a little.

If marionette lines (the lines that extend from smile lines down the chin) are contributing to the frowning look, Kellie says that she might recommend using filler underneath these lines to reduce them. Everyone is unique in their features, so Nurse Kellie recommends coming in for a free thorough consultation to get a personalised recommendation and treatment plan before going ahead with any treatment.

Some patients will opt for the non-surgical facelift, also known as ultrasound skin tightening, using Ultraformer or Ultherapy. This treatment uses ultrasound energy to tighten and lift the skin by stimulating collagen regeneration. The results take much longer to appear, but ultrasound skin tightening is a good option for someone who might prefer a completely non-invasive method. It can also be used in combination with injectable treatments for a more holistic result.

Get rid of frown lines

If sunshine and skepticism have anything in common, it’s that they both cause us to furrow our brows. Over time, this leads to frown lines. Some people develop two vertical lines just inside the eyebrows, but others have just one deep vertical line between the brows.

Antiwrinkle injections relax the muscles that cause you to furrow your brows. They can make an existing frown line go away, depending how deep it is and how long it’s been there. Some people get anti-wrinkle injections to prevent a frown, especially when getting ready for an event where they know they’ll be in photographs outside or under bright lights. It prevents a line forming from squinting or furrowing.

One of our patients allowed us to share her story:

“I had a deep line between my brows, and it just made me look so harsh. I had it done [with antiwrinkle injections] and nobody noticed the line was gone, but a few people told me in passing that I seemed much happier lately. The line was all that changed!”

Please note that results may vary as we’re all unique, so an in-person consultation is recommended to get information specifically for you.

How to lift your brows

As we age, our brows tend to sink down lower on our forehead. If your Cosmetic Doctor or Nurse places anti-wrinkle injections into the muscles that raise your brows, this can make them sit a bit lower. Sometimes, this is done to fix asymmetry. If, however, the injections are placed in the depressor muscles that pull the brows down, you get the opposite effect. Your brows get a little bit of a lift. This lift helps to give a more open, youthful expression to your eyes.

The effects of an eyebrow lift with antiwrinkle injections are subtle, but you can boost them with Ultrasound treatments if need be.

Most of all, it’s important to remember that we’re all unique, so you should have a thorough consultation with your doctor or nurse to discuss your goals and get all of the relevant information about your treatment.

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