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6 Reasons to Love Winter

When temperatures drop, we often think of chapped lips, over-eating and frumpy clothes, but in reality, winter is a great time for your health and beauty routines! Here are six reasons to embrace this chilly season!

Lower UV levels
There tends to be lower levels of ultraviolet radiation from the sun in winter. You still need to protect your skin because you can still get sun damage or burns in the winter, but it’s nice to know that the risk levels are less extreme.

Time to build Your summer body
Goals take time. If you start working out in winter, you’re more likely to reach your fitness goals in time for spring (and you’ll be warmer because exercise improves your circulation).

If you have stubborn fat pockets and you wanted to do some body contouring treatments like CoolSculpting, winter is the best time to start. The way that Coolsculpting works is by freezing, and thus destroying, the fat cells in the treated area. It can take a little bit of time after the treatment for your body to remove the destroyed cells and shrink those fat pockets. As we said above, goals take time.

New skin care routines
This one is for anybody struggling with oily skin. With summer sunscreens and humid weather, it can be difficult to get your skincare routine right without looking too shiny. In winter, your skin will be slightly drier and you’ll probably wear less sunscreen as you spend more time indoors, so you can slather on those nourishing serums and moisturise freely.

Winter is also the best time to treat pigmentation caused by sun damage. If you’re using a pigment inhibitor, you have to really protect yourself from UV rays to get the most out of it. That’s a lot easier to do in winter.

Opportunity to mix up your makeup
The change of seasons means warmer clothes in autumn colours, so it’s the perfect opportunity to spice up your makeup routine and try something new. Summer is all about natural, beachy looks and bright colours. In winter, you can try warmer shades of brown or gold around the eyes, or go more dramatic with smoke-coloured liner and bold merlot lips.

Laser treatments
Winter is the best time to begin treating fine lines, rosacea and sun damage. Certain laser treatments, like Deep Rejuvenation, can make your skin more sensitive to heat and sun for a couple of days following treatment. Because you naturally spend more time indoors during winter, it’s easier to pamper your post-treatment skin. Cooler air also reduces the redness that can appear right after treatment. Just don’t forget to moisturise when recommended by your clinician!

We can thank the Danish for teaching us this idea when a post from hyggehouse.com went viral last year. In case you missed it, hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) refers to a special appreciation of a feeling or a moment, such as cosying up in front of a fire place, taking time to look after yourself, or stopping to notice the warmth of a teacup in your hands. It’s the art of bringing out winter’s beauty.

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