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Medical Grade Skincare Made By Experts In Australia

Our in-house brand Rejuvaus was developed by Clinical Director Dr Garry Cussell and his wife Registered Nurse Robyn Cussell who, after 20 years’ experience in non-invasive cosmetic medicine, recognised the need for a skincare line that combines multiple active ingredients in each product with no synthetic additives that could affect the products’ purity or results.

The active ingredients were chosen carefully with a thorough understanding of how each ingredient works and years of experience in witnessing firsthand what works best for our patients’ skin.

Three product categories were developed based on the three essential steps of a proper skincare routine.

  • Cleanse and Exfoliate: Rejuvaus cleansers contain active, naturally-derived chemical exfoliants and cleansing ingredients to absorb oil, remove impurities and exfoliate dead cells to reveal newborn layers of skin while leaving the natural barrier protected yet refreshed for better absorption of nourishing serums. Free from harsh glycolics, PEGs and sulphates that could irritate the skin.
  • Treatment Serums to repair and restore: Rejuvaus serums have the essential medical grade ingredients that feed the cells. They provide vitamins, antioxidants, collagen peptides and other active nutrients to reawaken skin cells that have dulled with age so they can regenerate, renew and restore healthy, youthful skin. This includes Eye Serums with active ingredients designed to reduce the signs of fatigue such as dark circles, vascularity, puffiness and creping skin.
  • Moisturisers and sunscreens to hydrate and protect: Therapeutic, enriched moisturisers include both medium and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acids to increase permeability of water into the skin for a naturally plump complexion. The bases consists of organic essential oils that soothe inflammation and mimic the skin’s natural lipid structure to restore hydration naturally. Where common moisturisers seal in moisture and inhibit the skin’s self-hydrating systems, Rejuvaus moisturisers nourish the skin cells and restore the natural barrier, without blocking pores, for healthy, soft and dewy skin.
  • UV Lotion: An active physical sunscreen that hydrates, repairs and restores the skin while protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun, without interfering with your morning routine. Zinc and Titanium provide a strong physical barrier while Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants, Vitamins B and C, and Resveratrol are concentrated in a therapeutic base help to moisturise, hydrate and make your skin feel beautiful, while preventing and reversing free radical damage. The lotion is light and non-occlusive and can be worn as a primer under makeup.

“Each product contains a combination of active ingredients, and all the ingredients serve a purpose,” says Ally Cussell, Senior Clinician at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia. Even the product bases that encase the active ingredients are made from therapeutic, anti-inflammatory plant extracts, organic essential oils and natural gel immersions. “You could bottle up the base and sell it as a product on its own,” Dr Cussell likes to quip.

The essential oils in the therapeutic base also mimic the skin’s natural lipid structure to help improve absorption. The product was designed to spread thinly and easily, so your skin feels smooth and receives all the benefits but without a sticky film or greasy finish that could occlude pores.

The bottle was engineered to protect the active ingredients from light and oxidation while also dispensing 0.2ml, the recommended amount for the full face.

Rejuvaus products are made in Australia with no artificial colours, fragrances, lanolin, mineral oils, parabens, silicones or synthetic fillers. The products are not tested on animals and animal testing is not funded for any aspect of the products or ingredients.

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