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Get Natural Looking Fuller Lips Permanently

Ever wonder what it would be like to have fuller lips? Since 2016, when lip fillers exploded in popularity, we’ve seen different trends in size and shape, thousands of new products, beauty trends and even new injection techniques, all for fuller lips.

From lip plumping products, to natural treatments or cosmetic surgeries, there are a variety of ways you can get fuller lips. Whether you choose dermal fillers or homemade balm solutions, the journey to more beautiful, fuller lips starts with a good lip care routine.

Exfoliate regularly for a plumper look

The skin on our lips, like anywhere else on our bodies, is prone to damage. By exfoliating, you can remove the dead skin that gives lips that dark and small appearance.

Exfoliation, a healthy beauty trick, can be a part of your routine, as long as it’s kept at a minimum of one session per week. Whether you choose to use a cosmetic product or homemade remedies, always remember that skin on our lips is far more delicate than the skin on our face.

Popular home treatments include sugar scrubs, lemon juice and coffee scrubs. Available in a variety of combinations, these techniques are easy to master and flexible depending on your skin type and conditions.

Don’t forget to moisturise

When our skin comes in contact with external factors, like the weather, it becomes more prone to damage. Using lip balms regularly can increase the chances of your lips staying protected and hydrated.

It’s always a good idea to mix several treatments when possible; especially when it involves using natural remedies. Popular options include olive oil and honey. Both have healing properties and can prompt a healthy and fuller look.

While all the treatments mentioned above can enhance the appearance of your lips and maintain their healthy look, the only sure way to get fuller lips that last is by having dermal fillers. The procedure is minimally invasive and can last from one to three years, with proper maintenance.

Cosmetic treatments for fuller lips

Lip augmentation procedures have become highly popular, largely due to newer and safer procedures, with minimum down-time. As opposed to natural treatments, dermal fillers have an instant, long-lasting effect that is independent of whether you decide to skip your beauty routine. Fillers today are made from a substance found in your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

The procedure consists of injecting the dermal filler into the mid-lower lip area and mid-upper lip area. Sadly, there are many stories in the media and online of lip augmentation procedures gone wrong – resulting in a ‘duck face’ or ‘trout pout’ look.

These situations occur when the person administering the procedure is either not qualified or does not have the necessary experience to make the right judgements. Another cause of botched lip augmentations is when inferior quality fillers are injected. These troubling side-effects are only a risk when using rogue or ‘home based’ practitioners.

At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, our fully qualified doctors and nurses are here to help you achieve a natural look after carefully advising you during a complimentary consultation. During the session, your nurse will help you understand how the principles of aesthetics and how the shape of your lips play a role in creating the outcome you want. A treatment plan will be outlined to ensure you achieve your goal to create a natural look.

Using only the safest and best quality dermal fillers at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, the procedure involves minimal discomfort and almost no down-time, so you can return to your daily routine.

In addition, our patients also have access to a complimentary post-treatment consultation, as we make sure you are happy with the results.

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