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How to create the perfect pout!

Beautiful lips are often the focal point of a pretty face, and are considered a great asset to have!

Luckily, if you weren’t born with the perfect pout, you can easily get it! The Nurses from Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia shared the four factors that contribute to making the perfect lip with dermal filler.

1) Border:

When enhancing lips, the injector will aim to create more distinction in the lip border. A younger and fuller lip will have stronger definition than an aged, thin lip.

2) Symmetry:

It’s quite common for people to have asymmetry in the lip, either the bottom lip is far bigger than the top, the top is far bigger than the bottom. Or one side of the lip slants, or is smaller than the other. All of this can be corrected with the use of dermal filler very quickly and painlessly.

3) Balance:

Similar to symmetry, the perfect pout is always balanced accurately depending on the shape required. Some prefer a slightly fuller top lip; others prefer a slightly fuller bottom lip. The art is in the balance and there’s a fine line between getting this right and getting this wrong.

4) Volume:

This is an obvious one. Most people want bigger, softer lips. Depending on specific requirements of the client, as well as their natural lip size and shape, a specific amount of dermal filler will be applied to the area. Some people with a smaller lip and mouth require smaller amounts of filler over others with a naturally larger smile.

An experienced injector will assess the following issues to determine the best method of treatment:

•  Overall size of the lip and width of the mouth
•  Proportion of lips compared to facial features and between each lip
•  The amount of distance between the nose and upper lip
•  The amount of distance between the bottom of the lip and chin
•  Projection of each lip in relation to each other and other areas of protruding features such as chin and nose.
•  Vermilion border
•  Ageing lines within and around the lip
•  The oral commissure
•  Lip movement
•  Lip symmetry
•  Specific requirement of a patient

So what is actually injected into the lip?
Dermal fillers are injectable, soft and mouldable gels that are injected under the skin. They are made from a substance that occurs naturally in your skin’s moisture barrier.

Are dermal fillers safe?
All of our dermal filler treatments are completely safe as long as the correct aftercare recommendations are followed. Always see a highly trained, reputable injector!

What happens during the procedure?
Lip filler injections are a short clinical procedure. We use a topical numbing cream to ease discomfort and the recovery is immediate, so you can return to your normal activities. There may be some redness or mild swelling which normally subsides in 1-2 days.

How long does a dermal filler treatment take?
Most injection procedures generally take five to ten minutes, once the skin is cleaned and prepared.

Is it painful?
The treatment is short and generally well tolerated. At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, we use a clinical strength topical numbing cream to ease potential discomfort as well.

Is there any downtime?
In most cases, people can return to their normal daily activity straight away, although sometimes a camouflage makeup is required to mask minor temporary bruising. Bruising naturally occurs as a result of needling. This can be minimised with careful attention to detail and post-treatment pressure on the needling points which we pride ourselves on here at the Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia.

Swelling may be apparent for a day or so, but is usually not a significant discomfort. Our clients sometimes prefer to do their lip enhancements after work, or on a Friday to allow time for swelling to go down before returning to work.

What aftercare is needed?
It is very important to revisit the clinic for a follow up consultation and “moulding” two to three days after the dermal filler is injected. It is advised not to massage or mould the filler immediately after an injection as this can lead to unnecessary bruising.

We recommend taking advantage of our free consultations so that you can discuss your treatment options and the results that you hope to achieve with one of our experienced Doctors and Nurses. 

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