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Groundbreaking Pigmentation and Melasma Treatment

Pico Rejuvenation, one of our most advanced laser treatments, is a real breakthrough when it comes to pigmentation and tattoo removal, particularly for melasma.

The treatment is performed using the Picocare 450, the newest model of Pico laser which has been backed by international case studies, and our own clinical results.

What makes Pico Rejuvenation such as game-changer is the results it can achieve as a “cool laser” modality. Most lasers used for treating pigmentation, such as melasma, use heat to target and break down the melanin beneath the skin. The same method is used in tattoo removal to break down pigmented tissue. Your immune system then attacks the broken bits of pigment and removes them naturally.

Pico Rejuvenation, on the other hand, uses vibrational energy to break up the pigment, and barely any heat. This means that treatments are safer for heat-sensitive conditions like melasma. It also means more comfortable treatments with less downtime than previous technologies.

If laser treatments that depend on heat are done with improper settings or without the thorough safety precautions that are used in medical cosmetic clinics, there is a risk of actually damaging the pigmented tissue and creating post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). The good news is that the vibratiobnal energy used by our Pico laser can be used to treat PIH as well.

With Picocare 450 technology, we can also achieve faster results with more comfortable treatments. The laser delivers safe pulses of energy and record-breaking speeds; only a tenth of a nanosecond. The faster pulses mean that the machine works more efficiently, breaking the pigment up into smaller particles, so the body can remove them much more efficiently, and you won’t need as many treatments to achieve a good result. This laser is also more effective at breaking down stubborn tattoo colours like green and blue.

If you have pigmentation, melasma or a tattoo you no longer love, and you’re curious to try our Pico Rejuvenation Laser Toning Treatment, get in touch for a free consultation.

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