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Regenerate Your Hair With Growth Factor Injections

As we age, various processes take place in our bodies. Our skin loses elasticity, wrinkles and creases become more visible on our face and it might happen that we start losing our hair.

The changes in our hair growth can prove to be of significant distress, as they tend to affect our appearance very quickly.

Developments in the field of modern medicine inspire treatments that are successfully applied in cosmetic therapies, and the application of growth factors to treat hair loss is one such example.

What are Growth Factors?

Modern science has identified over 440 different growth factors, which are produced naturally by our skin on a daily basis in the process of skin renewal and remodelling. Based on this discovery, scientists devised a clinical method of producing growth factors with the intention of injecting them into our skin to regenerate and stimulate the production of collagen.

Growth factors are some of the most “natural” therapies available in cosmetic medicine, as the factors are derived from our own blood or fat.

Extracting growth factors from fat is a slightly more complicated process as it involves the use of a local anaesthetic, which is injected into the fat. After that, a special suction device must remove at least 50mls of fat.

An easier method of preparing growth factors involves obtaining growth factors directly from our blood and this is the method that we utilise at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia.

RCA’s methods of preparing growth factors

There are three commonly used methods of preparing growth factors from blood and we use two of them at our clinic:

A Swiss system called Regen. This method produces a lower yield of growth factors with a concentration of approximately 2%. The relatively low yield of Platelet Rich Plasma usually requires multiple treatments to produce the desired effect of increased collagen stimulation.

An American method called the Angel System. This process yields much greater volume and a higher concentration of Platelet Rich Plasma, which oscillate between 7-9%. This method involves taking much more blood than Regen, providing us with a greater volume of concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma. Also, we also obtain 130mls of Platelet Poor Plasma, which we utilise to enhance the treatment.

The use of Growth factors

Because of its quality to help regrow tissue, Growth factors have been used in various medical and cosmetic procedures:

  • In orthopaedic medicine, it is used to help repair an injury to ligaments and joints and inflammatory conditions.
  • In the facial rejuvenation field, the growth factors are injected into the face to help tighten and strengthen the skin.
  • In cosmetic medicine, it is used to stimulate the regrow of hair.

Treat hair loss with Growth factors

By injecting growth factors into your scalp area, we can regenerate and repair damaged hair follicles, and the hair growing from those follicles will become thicker and stronger.

To achieve this, it important to note that the hair follicles cannot be destroyed completely. Growth factor therapy is most effective before the hair follicles have deteriorated too much. Therefore, as soon as you notice your hair is starting to recede or thin, you should consider undergoing Growth factor therapy. Do not leave this for too long, as you might find that it will be too late to treat the problem.

Growth factor Therapy requires the potential to regenerate the hair follicles, which cannot be done if they are completely damaged. In our experience, the earlier you start treatment, the better the response to the growth factors will be. Usually, the whole process involves six treatments, each one month apart.

What does the treatment involve?

First, we apply a strong local anaesthetic to your scalp and while the Growth factors are being prepared, your skin has time to go numb. Then the growth factors are injected via a multi-needle disc to 4 and 6mm depths.

The procedure has no real downtime and the recovery is very quick, so you do not need to take time off from work. The whole treatment is complete in an hour and you can continue with your daily procedures without interruption.

A Growth factors therapy procedure requires great precision. It is a medically-based procedure that requires the expertise of a qualified practitioner in order to achieve the best results.

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