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The Difference Between Weight Loss, Fat Loss and Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

In brief; fat loss is the loss of bodily fat, either through diet and exercise or through non-invasive fat reduction treatments (more on those below). Weight loss on the other hand could mean that your body is losing muscle, fat, water or a combination of the three. Because fat weighs much less than water or muscle, fat loss may not bring down the number on your scale very much. The good news; as long as you’re in a healthy range, weight is really just a number.

If you want to get fit and healthy, you should focus on fat loss instead of weight loss.

Loss of water is not good for your muscles. Muscle loss means that you lose strength and your basal metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn calories) drops.

The most common mistake when it comes to weight or fat loss is made by eating minimal calories and focussing on cardio to burn it off fast. Fat burns away slowly, so if you drop a lot of weight right away, you’re probably losing muscle and water.

It’s important to control your calories, but too few can be as harmful as too many. The key is to get the recommended amount of calories for your size, age and activity level, but be sure that those calories are coming from nutrient-rich foods. Your muscles need protein, iron and magnesium; your body needs vitamins, fibre and some complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats. You should also add some strength training to your cardio routines so that you can preserve your muscles and lose the fat instead.

Again, muscle weighs more than fat, so you might not see the number on your scale decline as your waistline and other areas slim down.

What is non-invasive fat reduction?

You can reduce body fat through healthy diet and exercise, but you cannot control where on your body the fat burns off. Most of us, male or female, have stubborn areas of fat that won’t budge no matter how much exercise we do. In fact, an estimated 90% of women have cellulite which cannot be exercised away.

This is where fat reduction treatments come in. Non-invasive fat reduction treatments (also known as non-surgical fat reduction or spot fat reduction) use laser, ultrasound, hifu or cooling technology to remove fat from specific areas without invasive methods like surgery or liposuction.

What is Fat reduction with Ultrasound?

May also be known as: HIFU fat reduction, ultrasound fat cavitation, LipoBlast, TightSculpting, non-surgical fat reduction

Ultrasound is commonly confused with laser. They both involve the use of equipment that delivers energy to the deeper layers of your skin without disrupting the surface layer. Ultrasound, however, is a different type of energy to laser, and it can reach much deeper levels beneath the skin. Ultrasound tends to be a more powerful treatment than laser, and it has no downtime.

During an ultrasound fat reduction treatment, a Clinician will use a handpiece to deliver highly focussed ultrasound energy to the treatment area. The ultrasound energy induces controlled zones of heat in the layers of fat beneath your skin (but without disrupting the surface layer). This heat destroys the fat cells, and then your body carries them away naturally through your immune system.

Ultrasound fat reduction is popular for treating cellulite and double chins because it also helps to tighten the skin. The heat created by ultrasound energy zaps fat, but it also stimulates your collagen cells. As your collagen cells rebuild themselves, loose skin becomes tighter and more elastic.

What is fat freezing?

May also be known as: CoolSculpting, CoolTech, cryolipolysis, cryo fat reduction

Fat freezing uses cooling technology to target and destroy fat cells without disrupting the surface layer of your skin. Once destroyed, your body removes the fat cells naturally. Fat freezing is generally used for specific pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise, such as on the lower abdomen.

The equipment used for fat freezing has a few brand names, the most famous being CoolSculpting. It generally involves resting (or browsing Instagram) while a suction cup clings to the fat pocket you want to treat. The cup delivers cooling technology to freeze the fat cells in that pocket, which then destroys them and prompts your immune system to carry them away.

What are fat reduction injections?

There is a medical product that breaks down fat cells when it is injected with a small syringe. The result is a visible reduction of fat in the injection area. In Australia, injectable fat reduction is currently only approved for use under the chin.

Due to TGA regulations, we aren’t allowed to publish the brand name of this product, but you’re welcome to contact us for more information. Common non-medical names for this treatment may be “Double Chin Treatment,” “Injectable Fat Reduction” or “Chin Sculpting.”

The product is made from a molecule that occurs naturally in the body. This molecule aids the breakdown of dietary fat. When injected under the chin, it breaks down the fat cells and destroys them, resulting in a slimmer, more contoured jawline.

What is lipo fat reduction?

Technically, the term “lipo” means “fat,” so this term could refer to any of the treatments discussed above. It could also refer to liposuction, a form of surgical fat removal, or liposculpture, a minimally invasive procedure that uses a microcannula to remove fat.

LipoSculpture is similar to liposuction, but the cannula is much smaller, and patients do not require general anaesthetic (a local anaesthetic is used instead). LipoSculpture removes less fat than liposuction, but more fat than non-invasive fat reduction treatments.

What is the best fat reduction procedure?

There isn’t one “best” fat reduction procedure, but rather, each procedure works best for a specific form of fat.

If you have a thick, small pocket of fat, for example, fat freezing might be better suited to you. If you have cellulite or your fat is more spread out, you might be a better candidate for an ultrasound treatment.

Your best bet is to come in for a free consultation with one of our body contouring experts who have experience with a variety of treatments and can recommend the best fit for your goals.

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