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Broken Veins and Capillaries

Laser Vein & Capillary Treatment

Many individuals face the common skin concern of visible veins beneath the skin. Typically harmless, these veins don’t impede blood circulation or overall health. Main causes include:

  1. Genetics and lifestyle choices
  2. Aging
  3. Fluctuations in weight

Spider veins often appear on the legs, ankles, and various body parts, while capillaries are frequently found on the face, especially around the nose and cheeks.

Fotona Laser

Broken Cappilaries on Face

Eliminate broken capillaries, prominent veins, telangiectasia, and spider veins, restoring confidence and fresh complexion. Fotona Laser precisely targets these stubborn vessels, leaving surrounding skin unharmed. Rest assured, all Contour Clinics are overseen by in-house doctors specialized in laser treatments.

Spider Vein Treatment

Skin Concerns

Facial Capillary Reduction

The targeted laser energy also works to break down pigmented areas, such as sunspots or age spots, promoting the shedding of damaged skin cells. As new, healthier skin forms during the healing process, it tends to be smoother, more even-toned, and less damaged by sun exposure.


Rapid and efficient solution for reducing the visibility of superficial vascular lesions. By selectively targeting these blood vessels without harming surrounding tissue, it ensures minimal downtime, offering a swift and effective means of achieving desired results.

Before After Rosacea skin Treatment


Fast and efficient results with laser removal, effectively diminishing skin redness while promoting a stronger, healthier complexion and enhancing skin tone. This approach ensures minimal downtime, allowing you to swiftly resume your daily activities with confidence.


The laser's energy is absorbed by the blood vessels, causing them to coagulate and eventually be reabsorbed by the body. This process effectively reduces the appearance of redness on the skin. Additionally, laser vein removal treatments are designed to minimize damage to surrounding tissues, ensuring minimal downtime and a safe, effective procedure.

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Our Treatments


Excel V

Skin Treatment with Excel V laser or Laser Genesis

Fotona SP Dynamis 1064nm

deep laser rejuvenation cheek


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Spider Vein Removal FAQ's

Laser vascular treatments rely on the principle of selective Photothermolysis – the selective destruction of targeted vessels. Laser light is directed at the unwanted veins, causing them to heat up quickly, break down and collapse in on themselves. 


Broken capillaries, also known as spider veins, show up in clusters of purple, red or blue little lines on the face, legs or other areas of the body. Before you get caught up in their appearance, it helps to understand what causes spider veins and what you can do about them.  

Essentially, spider veins are caused by insufficient valves inside small veins. These valves are positioned in one direction and they direct the blood towards heart. If for any reason these valves become weak or insufficient, blood pools inside the small terminal veins and cause them to become dilated and visible from the surface. 


Hormonal fluctuations, genetics, increased pressure, pregnancy, ageing, weight gain, and sitting or standing for long time everyday could lead to dilated capillaries or spider veins. 

“Spider veins are common in pregnancy because there are more hormones going around the body and extra pressure on the legs,” Mary, Senior Clinician says, “people with hay fever also tend to be more prone to spider veins on the face and around the nose from constantly blowing their noses and causing higher pressure inside capillaries.  

People who are prone to redness and rosacea are also more likely to get spider veins because they tend to be more vascular and have more blood circulating near the surface of their skin.  

Unfortunately, spider veins won’t go away on their own, but they’re fairly easy to treat. Available treatments include Sclerotherapy and Laser treatments. Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure during which a Doctor or Nurse injects a substance into the veins to turn them into scar tissue which then will be disposed by body’s immune system. 

One of our preferred treatment for spider vein removal is the Laser Spider vein treatment using Fotona’s ND YAG laser which specifically targets and treats capillaries without affecting the skin. 

The laser treatment targets hemoglobin with carefully controlled heat. The heat coagulates the broken capillaries and makes them collapse and shrink. The immune system later disposes the coagulated veins. 

Mary Senior Clinician says that she “can often see the capillaries shrink down right after treating them, but sometimes they require a few treatments, depending on the person and the nature of their veins.” 

The treatment is suitable for most people with spider veins but it is better to book for a consultation first to make sure it is for you too. 

Once treated, there is a chance that spider veins can come back in some other areas but not at the same treated areas. 


If you have a recurring condition like rosacea or hay fever, the veins may come back eventually as you experience flare ups. Speaking to a Clinician can help you understand your triggers so you can manage them in the future. 

The spider vein removal treatment is good for anyone who has spider veins and dilated capillaries, this is commonly used for patients who have rosacea or even post pregnancy. 

Vessels can occur back in the area, maintenance can be variable, between 6-12 months on average. Treatment can be performed every 4 weeks on the face and every 6-8 weeks on legs.

We use a 532nm KTP and ND Yag 1064nm laser called the Cutera Excel V and Fotona SP Dynamis.

Treatment recommendation can be between 1-3 treatments.with 4-8 weeks intervals. 

The price varies depending on the area involved and the severity and number of spider veins present. treatment starts from $250. 

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