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Experience the top-rated destination in Sydney for cosmetic injectable treatments, where doctors with 38+ years of expertise are onsite.

" I have been a client at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia for many years. Besides receiving effective treatments from experienced and friendly clinicians, what I love most is the honest advice with no pushy sales tactics. Other clinics might have gone ahead and performed the various treatments that I have requested, just to make a quick buck, when those treatments were not really in my best interest. Truly a 5 star establishment. "


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Before and After Anti Wrinkle Injections​​

See before and after images of our patients who have had anti-wrinkle injections to reduce the appearance of crows feet, forehead lines and smiles lines.

Before and After

See before and after images of our patients who have had anti wrinkle injections to reduce the appearance of crows feet, forehead lines and smiles lines.


BekyMay 2023
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"I had the best experience at RCA, and am so happy with my results. The clinicians are so professional, helpful and really listened to me. Very Happy :-)"
BarbaraMay 2023
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"I love this place! Dr Cussell is honest and ethical in his services and practices. Everyone at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia is a true professional, yet friendly with personal care."
Sanghey TanAugust 2023
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"Dr Garry and receptionist Natalia has been exceptionally helpful in providing me with the correct information and treatment. Will not hesitate to recommend this clinic to my friends and family."
AnonymousSeptember 2023
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Helpful, friendly, accomodating of last minute changes and cancelations. Anna particularly is so knowledgeable on what she does, she deeply cares about a clients’ concerns and recommends the best treatments. She has my full trust and I would not get my skin on anybody else’s hands!
DominiqueJanuary 2023
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RCA is a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all restorative treatments; the staff are highly skilled and tailor packages to your individual needs and desires.

Sydney's Premium Destination for Anti Wrinkle Treatment









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Anti Wrinkle Injections Treatment

See the process for Anti wrinkle Injections at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, located in Sydney. Our Registered Nurse demonstrates the use of Anti wrinkle injections for forehead lines, and for the relief of teeth grinding by administering them to the masseter muscles of the jaw.

Before and After Anti Wrinkle Injections​​

See before and after images of our patients who have had anti-wrinkle injections to reduce the appearance of crows feet, forehead lines and smiles lines.

Smooth fine lines, wrinkles and get ready to radiate.

In order to be effective, anti-wrinkle injections must be applied in the right muscle, at the right depth, and in the right quantity. At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, we understand the importance of precision in administering anti-wrinkle treatments. Taking the process of anti-wrinkle treatment seriously is paramount to achieving optimal results and ensuring client satisfaction.

What sets us apart from other clinics is our unwavering commitment to safety and expertise. Our clinic, backed by a legacy of excellence since the year 2000, has consistently delivered award-winning injectable services in Sydney. We prioritize the well-being and aesthetic goals of our clients, and to achieve this, we emphasize the significance of having doctor-led clinics.

At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, our team of experienced and qualified medical professionals ensures that every anti-wrinkle treatment is performed with the highest level of skill and precision. This doctor-led approach not only sets us apart but also underscores our dedication to delivering results that are not only effective but also safe.


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As a new client, come in for a consultation and receive a $100 voucher to use on any RCA product or treatment. We have the most comprehensive range of treatment, tailored to your needs.

Dr Garry Cussell

Dr. Cussell is the founder of Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia. He is a member of the Australasian Society of Cosmetic Medicine and has been a qualified cosmetic practitioner for over 38 years. He is a leading cosmetic medicine expert in a wide range of non-surgical skin procedures such as skin tightening and strengthening, stem cell and growth factor skin, skin repair lasers.

Garry Cussell Clinic Barangaroo


Dr. Garry Cussell is an esteemed and highly experienced medical professional specialising in the field of cosmetic medicine. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise spanning 38 years, Dr. Cussell has earned a stellar reputation as a leading authority in his field.


Diamond Allergan Partner Privileges Allergan - Recognising ongoing commitment to patient care and medical aesthetics. And, also 'Clinic Of The Year' for Advanced Skin Technology in 2014.

Industry expert

Dr. Garry Cussell's wealth of knowledge in the cosmetic medical industry is highly sought after, making him a prominent figure featured across various mainstream media channels and publications for over 20+ years.

Trust your face to the experts.

How many Anti Wrinkle units do you need?

When it comes to anti wrinkle injections, individual needs vary significantly. The amount of anti wrinkle product required depends on the size of the area and the strength of the muscle being treated. That’s why we highly recommend using the finest European brand of anti wrinkle injection products. While some alternatives may offer cheaper unit pricing, they often require significantly larger volumes, leading to increased costs. Moreover, we’ve noticed that certain USA brands can result in clients developing resistance over time. With our reliable European brand, you can rest assured that you’ll receive outstanding quality, delivering exceptional results.

Avoid settling for standardised approaches for your unique face. At our clinic, we prioritise your safety and satisfaction. That’s why we initiate every treatment with a Doctor consult because we firmly believe that entrusting your face to just anyone should not be an option. Your face deserves personalized care and attention, and our trusted European brand ensures you’ll get the top-notch quality and exceptional outcomes you deserve.

men skin treatment

Custom tailored treatment plans for over 23 years.

The pricing for anti wrinkle treatments can exhibit a wide range of variations, primarily because each individual’s needs and circumstances are distinct.

Volume prices only available when total units are injected at one appointment. Our injectors require a non-refundable booking fee of $150 to secure an appointment.  This charge covers the fee for the initial consultation if no treatment is performed on the day, or can be redeemed against services performed on the day.  The booking fee may not be used for the purchase of products.


Crows Feet

Frown Lines

Eyebrow Lift

With you every step of the way

Don't just trust your face to anyone - discover the secret to a more youthful appearance with Anti Wrinkle Cosmetic Injectable Treatments at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, led by the renowned Dr. Garry Cussell. With over 23 years of experience and award-winning clinics, we are your trusted destination for rejuvenation and natural beauty.



Customised Treatment Plans: Each individual's skin type, concerns, and medical history are unique. During the consultation, experienced Doctors assess these factors thoroughly to tailor a personalised treatment plan. This ensures that the anti wrinkle injections are precisely targeted to address the specific needs of the client.



Using a delicate, fine needle, the anti wrinkle product is precisely administered to the designated areas. In as little as 15 minutes, the entire procedure can be completed. With the streamlined process, you can conveniently undergo the procedure during your lunch break or on your way home, making it effortlessly integrated into your busy schedule.



You’ll start to see results within a few days, but it takes 7-14 days for full results to appear. Although the anti wrinkle product is gone within an hour or so (it binds with other proteins), it takes time for the targeted muscle to become relaxed. The amount of time it takes to see full results may vary, depending on when your last treatment has worn off. We invite you back for a complimentary review 2 weeks after treatment to ensure you are happy with your results.

Anti wrinkle injections are a series of very small injections, using a petite-sized needle, into some of the muscles that contribute to facial expressions.

The solution being injected temporarily relaxes the muscles so that they no longer crease and damage the skin with natural facial movements.

Yes, they’re very safe providing they are authentic products delivered by an experienced professional in a suitable environment.

The active ingredient in anti wrinkle injections is a protein that does not get absorbed into the blood system, but binds to other proteins within the nerve endings, so technically speaking, it is no longer present in the body an hour after it is injected.

Anti wrinkle injections have been used by doctors for more than 30 years on millions of people worldwide, and they’re one of the most studied and researched medical procedures presenting no long-term side effects.

Our doctors and nurses also participate in regular, ongoing training to ensure the utmost attention to safety and excellent results.

Timelines may vary between people, but results normally last 4-6 months. With regular use over 2-3 years, results may last longer as the nerve-endings take longer to return to their normal state.

After 5 years of regular use, in areas where you previously created a lot of expression through involuntary use of facial muscles (such as forehead and frown lines), you may find that your muscle memory has reduced to a point where you no longer create those expressions and you no longer require injections. While this can happen with regular, long-term use, we cannot guarantee it as an outcome.

As your skin loses elasticity over the years, you may find that skin strengthening and tightening treatments are more important for maintenance.

Most clients report no discomfort as the needle is very small and each injection is very short. Some people feel a very light sting that goes away as soon as the needle is out.

Transform your skin and reduce fine lines in just 15 minutes

Book a consultation today at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia in Sydney, the leading destination for cosmetic medicine. Our expert team, state-of-the-art technology, and personalised treatment plans ensure you achieve your aesthetic goals safely and naturally.

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