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Looking For Tattoo Removal Clinics in Sydney?

Do You Regret Having A Tattoo?

Tattoos say a lot about who you are. If yours no longer represent you, perhaps it’s time to consider having them removed. Our certified specialists use the latest laser tattoo removal procedures to safely and efficiently treat your tattoo with minimal discomfort.

At a glance: Laser Tattoo Removal

Treatment may also be known as

Pastelle Laser Tattoo Removal


Permanent tattoo removal

How it works

Fragments the ink & excretes

Treatment time

Determined by tattoo size


May feel as if it is sunburned


Permanent reduction to 100% removal



Pain level



Varies per size

Works with


Individual results may vary


Must be performed by an experienced provider

Tattoo Removal

Regreting a Tattoo

It sounded like the best idea at the time, but for whatever reason, you want your tattoo removed. Now all that matters is that you get the results you are aiming for: your skin, as smooth and clean as it was before.

When you come to one of our clinics, we invest the necessary time in assessing your tattoo and skin features in order to recommend the best removal procedure for you. We take pride in using the latest generation of tattoo removal lasers that allow your body to eliminate the ink with the minimum downtime.
Female in wedding dress with tattoo

What are the benefits?

The Pastelle Laser is the most sophisticated technology in the removal of tattoos. The laser works by breaking up the tattoo ink into tiny particles which are then eliminated through your body’s filtration system.

The results are visible 2 weeks after the first treatment. Using this technology we can treat and remove tattoos from all areas of the body.

Most importantly, the laser will treat tattoos regardless of whether they were done professionally or by an amateur. The ultimate benefit is that you will get rid of an unwanted tattoo with the minimum downtime and visible results.

laser tattoo removal

Forget about “ghost tattoos”

Our reputable team of laser treatment experts take a personalised approach to every tattoo removal procedure.

We analyse your skin’s unique features and take into account various factors that determine the results of the procedure: skin tan, the tattoo’s size, location, colours, as well as the ink’s type, depth, and density. We then recommend a custom treatment plan that is specifically tailored for you.

The removal process is actually very fast, but the time of each session will ultimately be determined on the size of the tattoo being removed.

Ankle tattoo

Outstanding pre & post treatment care

Laser tattoo removal is a non-invasive procedure. However, it is noticeably painful. This is why we make sure that your treatments are as pain-free as possible.

We will apply anaesthetic creams before the procedure and we will ice you before and after to help with the pain. Right after the treatment our skin expert will apply an antibacterial ointment and a light dressing to keep the area clean.

Your clinician will give you a full set of after-care instructions to help keep the discomfort to a minimum.

Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ's

The skin has three layers: the epidermis or outer layer, the dermis or middle layer and the hypodermis or bottom layer. When you get a tattoo, the ink is placed into the dermis. Lasers send energy through the epidermis with enough energy and heat to fragment or break up the ink in the dermis. When the ink is broken or shattered into small enough particles, it is able to penetrate through the hypodermis. Once through hypodermis, it is seen by your body as a foreign object. Macrophages, large cells that remove foreign bodies, encapsulate the ink and it is eliminated  from the body by the lymphatic system. The healthier your immune system, the better the results. Studies have shown that those who exercise regularly and drink large amounts of water see a more positive result. Those who smoke or ingest other toxins tend to need more treatments over a longer period of time.

There are a number of factors that will determine the duration and ultimate result of the procedure.

These include:

  • The size of the tattoo
  • The location of the tattoo
  • The depth of the ink
  • The density of the ink
  • The colours of the tattoo
  • The type of ink
  • The health of your immune system

The removal process is actually very fast, but the time of each session will ultimately be determined on the size of the tattoo being removed. Very large tattoos will be removed in sections, with the time in between sessions, to allow the body to eliminate the ink most efficiently.

On average, it takes 12-15 sessions to remove a tattoo however, this is only an average and it may be more or it may be less, depending on the tattoo and your body. As stated above, the healthier you are (drinking water and exercising, abstain from smoking), the more likely you are to get a good result in a shorter period of time.

Black does seem to fade the fastest and is the first colour we target with the laser. That being said, there are some times when the black also includes greens and purples to make the colour richer (we don’t know this until we begin the process of removing the black). In general, colour tattoos take more treatments that a tattoo which contains only black.

There are over 250 different types of tattoo inks, none of which are regulated by FDA. In addition, everybody’s immune system is different. In many cases we can remove a tattoo 100% (though this is not guaranteed). If, for whatever reason it cannot be 100% removed, it will fade. At this point, you could use make- up to cover it up.

Yes. Everyone has a different pain tolerance but it does hurt more than getting the original tattoo. We will ice you before and after to help with the pain.

For some time after the session, the area may feel as if it is sunburned. Ice, on and off, can help with this discomfort. You will be given a full set of after-care instruction when your session is complete.

Yes. We can cover any areas you wish to keep, only removing what you want removed.

It takes about 2 weeks for the body to absorb the ink. Some people see some difference after the first session, though many do not. It will be working; however it may take a few sessions to start seeing the results.

We recommend 8 weeks. This will allow your body to absorb and eliminate the ink and your skin to rest before the next treatment.

If the area around your tattoo is tanned, you run the risk of hypo (too little) or hyper (too much) pigmentation. If you come in tanned, you may be asked to wait until your tan has faded before we will do the procedure.

Tattoo Removal Before & After Photos

Our gallery examples provide a reference point for the results we can achieve using this treatment from real clients of Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia. However everyone is unique and results may vary .

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