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Dermal Fillers Sydney

Dermal Filler Non Surgical Injectable Treatments

Are you looking for a way to rejuvenate your skin and reduce the signs of ageing? Dermal fillers may be just what you need! These non surgical injectable treatments are a popular option for restoring volume in a natural-looking way, smoothing out wrinkles, and enhancing facial features.

At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, our team of experienced professionals can help you achieve the look you desire with the latest dermal filler treatments. Here’s what you need to know: Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that are designed to restore volume and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines on the face. They are made of TGA approved materials that are safe and effective for use in the skin. Dermal fillers are often used in conjunction with anti-wrinkle injections to optimise results.

Dermal Fillers Before & After Photos

Our gallery examples provide a reference point for the results we can achieve using this treatment from real clients of Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia. However everyone is unique and results may vary .

What Are The Benefits Of Dermal Fillers?​

Dermal fillers can provide a variety of benefits, including:


Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines


Restoring volume to hollow areas of the face


Enhancing facial features, such as lips or cheeks


Providing a more youthful, refreshed look

What Can I Expect During A Dermal Filler Treatment?

Dermal filler treatments are typically quick and easy, with minimal discomfort or downtime. The procedure involves injecting the filler into the desired area using a fine needle. You may experience some minor swelling or bruising after the treatment, but this should resolve within a few days.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The results of dermal filler treatments can vary depending on the type of filler used and the individual’s skin type and other factors. In general, however, most dermal fillers provide results that last from 6-18 months.

If you’re interested in dermal fillers, our team at Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia can help you achieve the look you desire, book a consultation.

Dermal Filler in Sydney Treatment Areas

At a glance: Dermal Fillers

Treatment may also be known as

Fillers, Facial Fillers, Injectable Fillers & specific brand names which cannot be mentioned due to TGA restrictions


Plump & add volume

How it works

Soft, mouldable gel injected under the skin

Treatment time

Typically 5-10 minutes


Immediate, minor swelling & redness




Pain level

Low / none


From $395

Works with

Consider combining with Anti-Wrinkle Injections for best results


Individual results may vary


Must be performed by an experienced provider

Treat The Following Concerns With Dermal Fillers Sydney







Facial volume plays a huge role when it comes to achieving a youthful and desirable face. Free your face from wrinkles, sagging, deep lines and depressions caused by reduced facial volume and enhance desirable facial features such as the lips, cheeks, cheek bones, forehead, temples and chin.


Refine your beauty ritual with fuller, smoother, softer lips. Now you can have the lips you love and a smile that turns heads.


As we age, our skin loses elasticity and becomes thinner, leading to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. One area where these signs of aging are particularly noticeable is around the eyes. Your eyes are encircled by the most delicate skin on your body this is where signs of ageing, inadequate sleep and exposure to the elements are first detailed. With careful non surgical treatment, you can prevent and reverse these signs and revive your tired-looking eyes without surgery or downtime. There are several treatments available that can help reduce the appearance of these wrinkles and leave you with a more youthful and refreshed look.


Facial slimming can contour your jawline and bring out a more heart-shaped face without any surgery or downtime.

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Loss of volume in the face?

Collagen and elastin give your skin its plump and youthful look. As we become older, our bodies’ ability to produce collagen and elastin decreases, which can lead to a loss of volume in the face and creases in the skin. Dermal fillers work by adding volume to the affected areas. They can fill creases, folds, depressions and even acne and surgical scars.

Subtle changes, natural looks

You feel the most beautiful when you feel like yourself. The main advantage of dermal fillers is that an experienced provider can add volume to certain areas and enhance your features while still looking natural. If you choose, you can also have subtle, consecutive treatments so that changes occur most subtly.

dermal filler

Personalised treatments

Your face is uniquely yours, and nobody else’s. We provide obligation-free consultations to discuss your ideals and ensure your provider gives you the right filler, in the right amount, to keep you looking like the best version of yourself. The type of filler we recommend will depend on the amount of volume you want and the area being treated.

You deserve the best

At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia we offer the best brands of dermal fillers for optimal results. The treatment involves minimal discomfort and no downtime. To ensure that you look and feel truly great, we will touch up your makeup immediately after treatment and provide a complimentary post-treatment check-up the following day to ensure you’re pleased with your results.

Dermal Fillers FAQ's

Dermal fillers are soft, mouldable gels made from a compound that occurs naturally in the skin’s barrier. They are injected under the skin to immediately repair and plump up various lines, depressions and folds in the skin

First, a doctor or nurse will consult with you to discuss your concerns and desired outcomes, and to answer any questions you may have.

Your provider will recommend the quantity and type of filler to be used. Then, the filler will be injected with a thin needle. You will be asked to return for a complimentary follow up review and for a massage to ensure that the filler stays properly in place.

First and foremost, fillers immediately add volume to the areas of the face where they’re injected, which fills in creases, folds, depressions and scars. They can also smooth out wrinkles in the face.

Fillers also act as a cushion underneath the previous folds it has corrected. The cushion reduces how much the skin can crease with facial movements, like frowning, thus preventing the wrinkle from returning.

Fillers are made from a compound that naturally occurs in the skin and has the ability to lock in moisture, so they also provide hydrating benefits for the skin, and there is evidence to suggest that they also stimulate natural collagen production in your skin.
Dermal fillers are very safe and our practitioners are highly qualified. We only use brands approved by the regulating bodies of Australia. The main ingredient in dermal fillers is a compound that occurs naturally in the skin, so allergic reactions are extremely rare.

We believe strongly in client education so our consultations are obligation-free.

We recommend you review the TGA’s list of considerations before undergoing procedures involving dermal fillers and are happy to address any questions you have.

As with any medical procedure, your provider will discuss any potential risks and concerns prior to your treatment so you are confident and informed before making a decision.
Dermal fillers can be injected anywhere that volume is required to fill in or plump up a fold, a sagging structural feature, a wrinkle or a depression. They can also be used to enhance facial features.

Most common sites for dermal filler injections are:
  • Frown lines, grooves and folds around the mouth, the smile lines and the jowling lines, and the tear trough hollows under the eyes.
  • Lips
  • Forehead and temple
  • Cheekbones and chin in the case of a recessed chin.
  • Nose – alter the shape of your nose.
  • Jawline – achieve a more youthful structure to or create a more angular, lifted and filled jawline.
  • Surgical scars or indented post-acne scars on the face or anywhere on the body.
The procedure is relatively short. Depending on where the filler is injected, it takes around 15 minutes, which includes time to cleanse and prep the skin.

For certain areas we may recommend that you have dermal fillers done in two or three consecutive sessions. This will help you achieve more subtle changes and more natural-looking results in areas that require larger quantities of filler, such as the jowls.
Dermal fillers have a fast-acting local anaesthetic mixed into the gel, and the actual injection time is very short, so any discomfort that may present is gone very quickly.

The injected area may be numb for about 20 minutes after the procedure, and it may become tender to the touch, but any tenderness should subside in just a few days.
In most cases, you’ll be able to return to your normal daily activities straight away. There may be some temporary redness which can be masked with a mineral powder. Bruising can occur, but we do our best to minimise bruising with post-treatment pressure on the needle entry points.

Swelling is apparent for a few hours but is usually not uncomfortable. It settles relatively quickly depending on your skin type, the site of the injection and the amount of product used.

Lip enhancements tend to require more time for the swelling to go down, so you may prefer to do them after work instead of midday.
It is very important for you to revisit the clinic for a follow up consultation and “moulding” within one to two days after the dermal filler is injected. We prefer not to massage too firmly or mould the filler immediately after an injection as this can lead to unnecessary bruising.

The injected fillers will often move slightly over the first day, so post injection massage and moulding is necessary. This involves smoothing out the gel padding, to ensure that there are no lumps and that the dermal filler is providing the maximum repair and support in the correct area that it was intended to be inserted.
  • Anti-wrinkle injections are safe muscle-relaxing solutions that are placed via a series of small injections into individual muscles that are causing wrinkles. This prevents the muscles from making unnecessary facial expressions and further creasing and damaging the skin. This in turn prevents wrinkles long term.
  • Dermal fillers, on the other hand, are made of safe gel-like compounds that are injected under the skin for instant plumping of lines and creases, so you appear younger by recreating volume you’ve lost.

In a nutshell, wrinkle prevention injections stop the muscle from creating lines and fillers add volume to fill the lines where the skin has previously been creased.

Yes, they even work better in conjunction with each other. For example, when a deep frown line has formed between the eyebrows, filler may be used to fill out the crease while anti-wrinkle injections prevent it from creasing further, enhancing and prolonging the result. Similarly, when the sides of the mouth begin to droop, anti-wrinkle injections will relax the depressor muscles of the mouth while dermal fillers support, lift and straighten the angle of the mouth.

There are certain areas of the face for which dermal fillers work better, such as smile lines and under the eyes, and other areas where anti-wrinkle injections are a better option, such as horizontal lines in the forehead, where the skin tends to be thinner, naturally.
Dermal fillers and PDO threads treat slightly different aspects of ageing.

PDO threads are dissolvable materials used to lift sagging skin and give your skin a tighter, more elastic appearance.

Dermal fillers are a soft, mouldable gel used to replace lost volume to reduce a sallow appearance, and they can be used to reshape facial contours.
No, dermal fillers will not stretch out your skin. When they are used for anti-ageing purposes, dermal fillers are used to restore lost volume in areas where the skin is already lax. Additionally, the fillers themselves are soft enough to move with the skin without stretching it out.

For facial contouring treatments, fillers are placed slightly deeper at specific anchor points where they can support the skin without any stretching.

There is also ample evidence to suggest that when fillers are first injected, they stimulate a regenerative response in the collagen matrix of your skin. This means that fillers may even contribute to preserving natural elasticity in your skin. They do not stretch it out.

You must be 18 years old to get dermal fillers, or be accompanied by a parent or guardian who provides consent to the treatment.

At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia you will receive care from doctors and nurses who have extensive, ongoing training in injection techniques for the best results and the utmost safety. Since our establishment in the year 2000, we’ve delivered thousands of dermal filler treatments, and we offer consultations and complimentary follow-up visits to ensure that you are well-informed and confident in your treatment, and happy with your result.

Dermal Filler Prices

You don’t need to pay as much as you think for an award-winning, doctor-led dermal filler clinic.We only use trusted premium brands of filler so you can enjoy safe, longer-lasting and more natural-looking results.Don’t trust your face to just anyone, visit the experts, our prices include:
  • Treatment
  • Next day massage and check up/results assessment
  • Client service reminder when due for next treatment
Note: Due to regulatory requirements we are unable to specify product or brand names, please contact a clinic for further information.


Dermal Fillers Thickness


Nasolabial Folds (may need 2mls)

Medium 1ml



Thin-Medium 1ml


Smoker’s Lines

Ultra Thin 1ml


Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Thick 1ml


Tear Troughs

Thin 1ml


Cheeks, jaw, chin, forehead, temples

Thick 1.2ml


Cheeks, jaw, chin, forehead, temples

Thick 2.4ml


Cheeks, jaw, chin, forehead, temples

Thick 3.6ml


Cheeks, jaw, chin, forehead, temples

Thick 4.8ml


Note:  Our injectors require a non-refundable booking fee of $150 to secure an appointment.  This charge covers the fee for the initial consultation if no treatment is performed on the day, or can be redeemed against services performed the same day.  The booking fee may not be used for the purchase of products.

The following illustration is intended as a guide only. Please book your obligation-free consultation for a tailored proposal.

Book Your Consultation For A Tailored Treatment Plan

Verified Testimonials


Testimonials are from satisfied customers, results may vary.
We offer obligation-free 1-1 consultations to understand your specific requirements before commencing treatment.

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