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Restore Smoothness & Elasticity

MicroNeedling stimulates a micro healing response in your skin while a potent growth factor serum reinvigorates your cells with the strength they need for new collagen fibres to flourish. The result is youthful, rejuvenated texture and tone.

At a glance: MicroNeedling

Treatment may also be known as

Micro-Needling, Dermapen, Skin Needling

How it works

Stimulates skin micro-healing response with growth factors to promote collagen


Improve skin texture, surface scarring, coarse pores and anti-aging

Treatment time

20-30 minutes


Potential redness for 30 minutes


After 24 hours


2-4 weeks

Pain level



$350 per treatment (from $280 in a package)

Works with


Individual results may vary


Must be performed by an experienced provider

Treat The Following Concerns With MicroNeedling

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Scars don’t have to be permanent marks on your skin, especially on your face. Our professional scar repair treatments physically breakdown and reduce old scar tissue as well as stimulating the production of new collagen tissue to replace it or firm and plump the skin’s creases to improve texture.


About half of the population will develop stretch marks at some point in their lives. They affect both men and women at various ages. The good news is that they can be treated at any age, but treatments are more effective the newer the marks, so don’t hesitate. Book your free consultation today.


Acne can be an extremely problematic condition to treat, severe acne commonly requires a combination of products and treatments over a long period of time, and the specific treatment program must be tailored to the individual. We’ve helped thousands of people to keep acne under control. We can help you too.


Pigmentation and sun damage can make you appear older than you are and using make-up to cover skin spots is not a long-term solution. If you want to reduce pigmentation, you need a combination of affordable treatments that reduce skin discolouration and reveal a younger looking you.


Skin complexion and texture plays a huge role in defining the appearance of healthy skin. There are many treatments available to improve the complexion and texture of skin by smoothing skin and clearing acne, reducing scarring, pigmentation, pore size and brightening the skin.

microneedling skin texture

Rejuvenated Texture

Reduce the appearance of fine lines, mild scarring and enlarged pores for a smoother, more youthful texture you’ll love. With a gentle yet powerful serum, highly trusted technique and thoroughly trained Clinicians, this treatment is a safe and affordable option for anyone who wants to rejuvenate their appearance and refresh the surface texture and tone of their skin.

microneedling treatment sydney

Advanced Technique

Our advanced MicroNeedling pen has accurate depth settings and a faster poking technique than previously available technologies to safely cover the entire treatment area with even less risk of creating micro tears in the surface tissue.

MicroNeedling produces a micro wound healing response in which collagen fibres rebuild and new cells flourish, bringing out a brighter, smoother and more youthful complexion. It also helps the growth factor serum absorb into the skin for invigorating nourishment to your collagen fibres and skin cells.

revitalising growth factor serum

Revitalising Serum

Our growth factor serum contains 5 naturally occurring growth factor proteins which stimulate growth in living tissues. They help rebuild the collagen fibres in your skin to reduce fine lines and textural concerns while protecting your skin from further ageing.

At treatment time, these growth factors are combined with hyaluronic acid and natural antioxidants to nourish, moisturise and protect your skin.

Recent clinical studies showed significant improvement in texture and wrinkles with a 37% increase in thickness in participants’ skin when using this serum.

MicroNeedling FAQ's

MicroNeedling creates tiny punctures in the skin that are too small to damage the tissue, but enough to stimulate a healing response in your skin. As part of this healing response, your skin cells and collagen fibres regenerate themselves.

Collagen is responsible for strength and elasticity in your skin. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen, which causes our skin to crease and sag. Rebuilding collagen can also help repair textural concerns on the surface, such as enlarged pores and mild scarring.

MicroNeedling also helps the growth factor serum to penetrate the skin. Growth factors are natural proteins that stimulate tissue growth and repair. They aid the healing response produced by MicroNeedling.

First, your skin will be cleansed and gently exfoliated. Then, a highly trained Clinician will apply a hydrating serum and carefully glide the MicroNeedling pen over the surface of your skin. The growth factor serum is applied after the needling is performed so it can sink in through the micro penetration points.

About 20-30 minutes for the full face.

Results appear gradually as your skin needs time to heal and collagen can take time to rebuild, however, you may notice a slightly plumped and glowing appearance the day after your treatment as the healing process has begun.

Overall, MicroNeedling with Growth Factors can help reduce fine lines, refine large pores, reduce mild surface scarring and improve the overall texture and tone of your skin.
Some results can be seen after one treatment, but depending on the nature of your skin, you may require regular treatments to maintain results.
Because the needles are very fine and they do not penetrate deeply into the skin, this treatment is relatively comfortable. It feels similar to a professional exfoliation treatment.
RF Needling uses a different needling handpiece with a greater range of depths for different parts of the face where the skin is thicker, enabling it to treat deeper layers of the skin. More importantly, RF Needling also pairs MicroNeedling with radiofrequency energy which stimulates collagen at various layers of the skin.

MicroNeedling with Growth Factors is an excellent treatment for superficial concerns with fine lines, coarse pores, and mild surface scarring. RF Needling is more appropriate for skin tightening and deeper acne scarring because it treats the deeper layers of skin and stimulates collagen at more layers.
PRP contains growth factor proteins derived from a sample of your own blood. The growth factor proteins found in our growth factor serum are produced in a laboratory.

Additionally, PRP is injected directly into different depths of the skin with a specialised injection gun, allowing for deeper diffusion of growth factors. For MicroNeedling with Growth Factors, we apply the Growth Factor Serum topically and create micro punctures to help the serum penetrate the skin.
You may have redness and mild swelling after treatment which is normal and subsides in 24 hours. Redness can be concealed with a mineral powder 30 minutes after treatment.
Depending on your skin type, you may be recommended to use a pigment inhibitor or a vitamin serum leading up to treatment. You can ask about this during a free consultation with one of our Clinicians.

After the treatment, we recommend using a collagen peptide serum containing some growth factors to help the skin heal and improve your results.
Due to the high concentration of the Growth Factor Serum used in treatment, it is reserved for clinical use only, however, we will recommend a collagen serum that contains some growth factors for you to use at home.
MicroNeedling with Growth Factors can treat the face, neck, décolletage, hands and anywhere else on the body where you want to improve texture and tone.
This treatment is safe for all skin types.

It is not recommended for those with certain conditions, such as active bacterial infections or immuno-suppression conditions. If you’re uncertain about your suitability for this treatment, you’re welcome to come in for a free consultation with our expert Clinicians.

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