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The Best Technique For Dermal Filler Under The Eyes

Hollowing or sunken under the eyes is a common issue which can even affect younger people, but increases with age. The common assumption is that they’re caused by natural atrophy of the delicate fat pad in the periocular area. What you may not realise is that it’s also caused by lack of support from the cheek pad below the eye area.

You may not notice them much at first, but over time, they can become more pronounced. Our facial expressions (smiling, wincing, etc.) push the thicker cheek skin against the thinner tissue beneath the eye and create a fold which deepens over time.

Hollows can be treated quite easily with dermal filler, and you can see the results right away, but there is a technique that more astute injectors use for the best outcome.

Your first instinct may be to ask for fillers to the tear troughs, but our Clinical Director Dr Garry Cussell often recommends treating the apple of the cheek first. “the initial correction is to carefully place a dermal filler in the apple of the cheek, below the groove to support it,” he says, “This is placed deeply in a fat pad using an injection cannula. This is the best way to avoid bruising and any complications using the dermal fillers.”

Sometimes, a different type of dermal filler may be used for the tear trough hollows. The skin in the apple of the cheek is thicker and the tear trough tissue is thinner, so a thicker and thinner type of filler should be used accordingly to ensure a more natural-looking result.

Dr Cussell reiterates that filler to the tear troughs “should be always placed with an injection cannula as using a needle is too risky for bruising and complications. It is very important that this filler is placed below the muscle so as not to come out in a swelling of the lower eyelid itself.”

“This type of injection requires a lot of expertise and experience as tear trough filler can cause ongoing swelling of the eyelids, in which case it would need to be dissolved,” Dr Cussell says.

You should always have a consultation before treatment so that you can discuss everything with your doctor and make sure you are comfortable. You can also ask important questions such as your provider’s level of training and experience.

The benefit? Results are immediate, and they’ll improve over the next few weeks as the filler settles. Also, when the technique is good and the right type of filler is used, it can look completely natural.

Although you see results right away, it’s extremely important to return the next day to make sure that everything is settling properly. At Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia, your consultation and post-treatment follow up appointment are complimentary because we want you to be safe and happy with your results.

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