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Restructuring And Enhancing The Face With Dermal Filler

‘Dermal filler’ is a term that refers to a variety of soft, mouldable gels that can be safely injected into the skin or subcutaneous tissues to enhance and restructure the face in a number of ways.

Depending on the area treated, there are a number of different ‘types’ of dermal filler. For instance, lip enhancement procedures require a different formulation of dermal filler than a cheek enhancement, as the volume and density require a completely different structure, this is why it is vital your treatment is performed by a reputable and experienced injector, they will be able to tell you why they recommend a particular type of dermal filler for the area in focus.

Dermal fillers come in a pre-packaged syringe and the cost of treatment will increase according to the number of syringes that are used. The majority of dermal fillers used are temporary, in that they last for 4-18 months, however this varies person to person and is dependent on the area treated.

You probably know that dermal fillers help to diminish facial lines and restore volume in the face, however there are a number of ways dermal fillers can completely restructure and enhance the face.

Dermal fillers can be used for:

    • dermal filler for the noseNose correction – non surgical rhinoplasty – Non-surgical nose reshaping with dermal filler can reshape the nose, giving it a straighter, larger, or more symmetrical appearance. This treatment can also be used to make the nasal tip more defined. A nose correction can also reduce the appearance of dents, bumps, or other imperfections in nasal shape. Unlike rhinoplasty surgery or a ‘nose job’ nose enhancement injections treat nasal imperfections in a single clinic visit, making this treatment ideal for patients looking for a fast, minimally invasive way to change the shape of their nose. Nose reshaping with dermal filler is also a significantly cheaper alternative to a ‘nose job’ with minimal down time in comparison to rhinoplasty surgery.


  • Forehead – Forehead depression and flatness is one of those prominent features associated with an ageing face, the gentle fullness of a high forehead represents youth and in some cultures intellforehead with dermal fillerigence, making it a more desirable trait. Dermal fillers can be used to create subtle fullness, adding more dimension and balance to the face. The benefit of using dermal filler as opposed to surgical implants and other techniques, is a matter of reduced downtime, side effects and cost. This treatment is a more complex procedure in comparison to a lip enhancement due to the number of veins running through the area. For this reason, is it vital only an experienced and highly trained injector perform this treatment. Cosmetic Doctor and Clinical Director Dr Garry Cussell explains “using the latest and safest techniques (cannulas) we can restore a youthful forehead in a few minutes. The forehead, surprisingly can sometimes take up to 6mls to ensure a beautiful even result.”
  • Temples – you probably didn’t know; temples are a very common area to have treated. Many people request the recess (in their temple) be smoothed with dermal filler. The treatment result is subtle, yet makes a surprising difference to the overall facial structure.
  • Tear troughs – Sunken tear troughs often present a tired appearance to the face, but dermal filler can soften and fill in the recess which stems from the inner corner of the eye and out to the cheek instantly. Dr Cussell explains “The tear troughs are tricky and it is wise to ensure your injector has extensive experience with this area in particular as the tissue is so much finer than the rest of the face and there are many variables to consider when performing this treatment, such as the existing cheek volume.” The injector must ensure the natural, youthful curves of the face are kept.
  • Lip enhancementPlump thin lips – Whether you were born with thin lips or they’ve lost volume with age, dermal fillers are a fast and simple way to increase volume and rejuvenate lips instantly. Not only can dermal fillers be used to plump and enhance lips and the lip-line, they can be used to resolve any asymmetry in the lip, such as a droopy lip, or uneven volume.
  • Cheeks – one of the most requested areas of enhancement, is the cheek area. Dermal filler can be used to plump the cheek and create a high cheek bone. As we age this area is one of the first to deplete in volume making it a very popular treatment.
  • Chin augmentation – The chin area is an area often overlooked by many aestheticians, yet it is an area that can change the entire structure of the face and improve the facial shape and overall balance when treated. Dermal filler is used to fill the recessed chin, bringing it more in line with the nose and forehead. It can also elongate the jawline for a more V-shaped appearance. The use of filler is a much more cost effective procedure than surgical implants and there is minimal downtime. Dr Cussell says “dermal filler is an under-utilised beauty treatment that restores balance and harmony to the face, this has a huge impact on the patient’s confidence at a much cheaper price than surgical options.”


  • Improve the appearance of recessed scars – Atrophic acne scars can present as divots or depressions on the skin, and most frequently occur on the cheeks due to acne. These types of scars are due to a loss of collagen. The depressed scar is elevated by the filler smoothing it out. This process is called ‘dermal grafting.’

anti wrinkle injections

  • Soften facial creases and wrinkles – Many turn to anti-wrinkle injections when treating wrinkles, however, in the case of deep wrinkles or lines, anti-wrinkles injections may not be enough. Dermal filler can be used to prevent lines and fill in the hard creases. Dr Cussell says “we can use dermal fillers along the cheek bone to prevent smile lines extending while still maintain a natural expression.”

While many claim to be experts in the use of dermal fillers, it is vital you see a highly trained and experienced nurse or doctor who specialises in the area you are wanting treated. There are many variables to consider for each treatment, such as correct product used for the specific area or purpose, correct product placement, correct volumes, incision areas as well as providing correct aftercare and post check-ups. Additionally, during consultation an experienced and highly trained injector will be able to identify if dermal filler is the best option for the area discussed.

*Due to regulatory requirements we are unable to state specific product names on our website. Please contact us for further information.

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